A 90-day English communication mentorship for high-level online entrepreneurs

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Are you getting that gut feeling that you desire SO much more for yourself as an English communicator? 

If you identify as...

  • An online business owner who is a non-native speaker of English and you have to do A LOT of talking. 
  • You’ve established a reputation for your business, but deep down you have experienced English insecurities with your voice that have held you back from showing off your true authority. 
  • You’re excited about the results and transformations that you’re clients are experiencing.  


  • You are wildly confident in the online marketing space until you have to use your voice, show your face on video, or show off your personality in English on a sales or client call.  
  • You KNOW you’re meant to serve on an even higher level, reach more people, and create more widespread, positive change through your powerful business mission. 
  • You feel that there’s SO much more for you to tap into in your English communication with clients. 

I’ve been there. I’ve experienced ALL the ups and downs of stepping into the most authentic and compelling version of myself in my non-native language. 

And I’m here to remind you all that IS possible for you. 

Imagine yourself...

⭐ Confidently conducting live trainings, sales calls, interviews, and public speaking online without having to think twice about your English communication. 

⭐ Certain of your clarity and impact when speaking in 1:1 and large group settings 

⭐ Speaking so captivatingly on camera that you effortlessly attracted new clients to your programs

⭐ Serving more English-speaking clients effortlessly and expanding your reach with your business mission

⭐You’re in LOVE with the sound of your voice and jump at opportunities to take on new business ventures with other English speakers 


⭐ You feel absolute ease in showing off your personality and attitude to resonate with the best soulmate clients out there for you in business 

⭐ Storytelling in English feels simple and fun and is a tool that you use to connect on a deeper level with people inside and outside of your programs

⭐ Feels called to receive high-touch communication support by someone who's been in their shoes 

⭐ Effortlessly making video and audio content for your programs and services without losing your precious work hours filming 8 times before you end up using something that is just “acceptable” 

⭐ Having more impact, more connections, more business opportunities with less worry, less preparation, and less time :) 

Ready to make THIS your reality? 

I’m here to teach you a proven step-by-step method that’s already gotten incredible results for over 15 other online business owners inside of Enhanced English for Entrepreneurship. 

Here are just a few things they have to say ⬇️


Picture yourself 3 months from now...

You show up as a next-level communicator for both yourself AND your business…enhancing your client experience and your sense of ease in business. 

You have a clear vision on the kind of English communicator you want to be long-term with a clear, structured plan on exactly how to achieve that every time that goal gets a little bit bigger. 

You’re SO tapped into your business mission and your message in English that your voice resonates with your audience with strength, power, and clarity.

Taking advantage of new business collaborations and opportunities and finding new English-speaking clients without even trying. 

Receiving compliments on how great of a communicator you are has become a new norm for you. People LOVE to listen to you and are captivated by your message and voice. 

Creating English trainings, recordings, masterclasses, prepping sales calls….all without having to think twice about how you say things. 

Designing new English offers or upgrading your current English programs to quit playing small as an English communicator. You are finally stepping into the full power of your message and people are awestruck by your online presence. 

You have more time now that your video content feels so easy to create and you’re serving your online clients with more clarity and confidence than ever before. 

For the first time, you feel like the most authentic and genuine version of you when speaking. You recognize the sound of your voice and message as yours, and you own that mission and message with insane pride. 

If this feels incredibly exhilarating to read, but also feels slightly out of reach (and maybe a little scary)…I feel you. 

Hi, my name’s Kayla Belush, an American turned Spanish businesswoman and I LOVE surprising others with how effortless it is for me to switch between Spanish and English in both my personal and professional life. I live in a perfect balance in my communication skills where, at the flip of a switch, I can tap into the strength and power of my message in either language to have an immense impact on my international clients. 

Being put on the spot and showing off my voice with a sense of clarity, fluency, and accent that even I am obsessed with is my definition of fun. And it’s exactly what has brought me every single business opportunity and client that I’ve landed so far. 

But it didn’t always use to be like this…

I founded Enhanced English for Entrepreneurship, aka E³ Accelerator, because I know exactly how it feels to get started as a professional in my non-native language. As a girl from rural USA who didn’t take a Spanish class until the age of 16, I was struggling to show off my personality to others when speaking, missing out on business opportunities due to fear of speaking up, and had zero confidence. 

Today, I’m able to set goals and reach them almost subconsciously because of the structure and strategy that I’ve followed to make my communication effortless. So I took these strategies and put them into a program that would take non-native speakers of English exactly where they wanted to go as business owners reaching new heights in their communication. 

Where do I apply?!

What can you expect from E³ Accelerator?

This signature, 90-day language coaching program is designed to unleash the most authentic, impactful, high-level communicator within you.

This is high-level, 1:1 support from me as a partner in stepping into the highest version of you as an English communicator in entrepreneurship. 

How do the online entrepreneurs with a big mission see unmatched results within E³ Accelerator? 

✅ customized 1:1 support 

✅ crafting an exciting vision to achieve through proven communication strategies

✅ eyes and ears on your video and audio content within your business to take your service next-level for your clients 

Here’s how it works: 

Enhanced English for Entrepreneurship is a high-touch 1:1, 90-day English communication mentorship. Here’s an overview of what we will build together over 3 months of coaching….

Phase 1: Discover 

  • Unleashing the most intense, exciting vision of yourself as an English communicator while discovering the linguistic pitfalls that are most likely to trip you up along the way. Enhanced awareness and clarity on your current weakness and struggles will empower you to have an accurate perception of who you are now as a communicator vs. who you want to be moving forward. 

Phase 2: Control 

  • Learn proven strategies that will allow you to control the sound of your voice how you want, when you want. This allows you to dominate your message as a leader and authority figure in your niche by taking ownership of the way you communicate in a way that highly resonates with your audience. 

Phase 3: Captivate 

  • Take your message and business mission to new heights by captivating others and giving better value and service. Here we turn high-pressure communication moments into the ones you are most excited for in your business and make it so that you never experience feeling “stuck” again as an English communicator. 


What you'll learn...

This feels so right!

What's included:

  • 12 weeks of detailed curriculum 

  • One 60 minute laser coaching call per week (12 in total) 

  • Lifetime access to the Enhanced English for Entrepreneurship curriculum guiding you through Kayla's signature Discover - Control - Captivate Method (5 module proven blueprint with trainings, templates, & systems to transform yourself into a high-impact communicator in your online business  

  • One video content audit per week (of up to 10 minutes) 

  • Weekly check-ins and  assignments to keep you on track in an effective and efficient way to best benefit your communication in business 

  • Monday-Friday access to Kayla via a private messaging channel for questions, wins, accountability, + support

  • A true partner to help you discover, define, and craft your own, unique and powerful voice to stand out among the crowd
I'm ready to apply!

Enhanced English for Entrepreneurship is for the passionate business leader who...

⭐ Is ready to take their online communication to the next level 

⭐ Serve their English-speaking clients bigger and better with absolute ease

⭐ Feels called to receive high-touch support from someone who's been in their shoes 

⭐Be so tapped into your English identity that your message speaks effortlessly to exactly who it's meant for

⭐Knows on a soul-shaking level that they were meant to have so much more confidence, influence, and impact when conducting business in English 

⭐Is over playing small and determined to transform their weaknesses into their biggest strengths as a communicator 

Ellen Marshal: 6-figure online business owner

“Getting to work with Kayla was so beneficial for my confidence when speaking English, which also heavily reflected in my business. 

As non-native entrepreneurs, we tend to forget how important it is to feel and look confident when speaking a foreign language. Throughout 3 months of coaching I was able to get clear on the words and sentences I’d been pronouncing wrong for years, which made me feel more in control and  not being held back by a strong Dutch accent. 

If you’re on the fence whether investing in one of her programs is worth it, I’d say go for it! You deserve to feel more confident in public speaking which will result in bringing in more revenue in your business!

Maaike van de Graff: Owner of copywriting business

After three sessions I already noticed a difference.

I most enjoyed how fun it is to have you as a coach and that investing definitely pays off in different ways; not only in speaking English, but also in mindset, networking, confidence and most of all: fun!!!
I learned that mindset is key, also in language. It teaches me to feel more confident about speaking English.”








Lyanne Kerkstra:  Hospitality Marketeer

“The first coaching session, it just gave me so much positivity and motivation to keep growing. And with every session I kept growing, getting more excited to learn and practice.

Once I had the mindset component I felt so much more comfortable speaking English. I own my voice. I'm not getting that nervous anymore for speaking out loud or in public. I am focused on the thing in speech I can control. So the biggest change since we are working together is the growth in my confidence.






Questions before applying? 

If you have any curiosities, I'm here for you! DM here :)